The voice of Non Resident Bangladeshis
TBN24 is a Bangla language live television channel in North America provides content that is informative, educational, socially responsible, entertaining and comparable with world-class television broadcasters. TBN24 is the first Bangla 24x7 live television channel to produce original content here in the USA. This channel is currently available in US, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Middle-East.

TBN24 Television is the for non-resident Bangladeshi living across the globe as well as people whose mother tongue is Bangla

Television has become a window on the world and many of us do seem to decide what the world is like because of what is on the television screen. TBN24 television is a window to Bangladesh for Bangladeshis living in North America. TBN24 focuses on positive Bangladesh by reporting on inclusive progress of Bangladesh governments' economic, social and environmental aspects to meet the challenges of the future and to help build a better Bangladesh for all.


Television Viewing is a very personal experience, and it generates very personal opinion. Even though TV is a mass medium, where millions of people simultaneously watch a news, entertainment, Sports events, presidential debate, each of us sees and hears different messages because we bring our own experiences, feelings and perceptions to the event. While TBN24 informs, entertains by celebrating Bangla culture; its goal is to promote dialogue in the spirit of live and let live. TBN24 television's mission is to promote positive Bangladesh around the globe by focusing on positive impact and changes brought about by renowned Bangladeshis and Bangladesh government.